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Water and soil repellent Water and Oil repellent

Pre Washing



Prewashing is a cleaning process to remove impurities from the fibre to make them absorbent to dyes.

It's done before bleaching if this is a cellulosic fibre.

Greige fabric containing fats and waxes prevent penetration of water soluble dye into the fibre. Thus a prewashing process is necessary to remove all impurities.

Pre Washing quality is identified by the absorbency of the fabric towards liquids.

Two technical term is used:
Hydrophobic: Fabric to repel water because it contains impurities
Hydrophilic: Fabric to absorb water, which means absorb aslo water based dyes.

Fat content of some fiber:
Cotton: 0.6%
Linen: 1.7%
Hemp: 0.7%
Ramie: 0.3%
Jute: 0.3%


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