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Certificates and Tests

Apparel Textiles

Determination of linear density ISO 2060
Determination of mass per unit area ISO 3801
Determination of width and length EN 1773
Determination of dimensional change ISO 3759
Colour fastness to artificial light ISO 105 B02
Colour fanstness to rubbing ISO 105 X12
Colour fastness to water ISO 105 E01
Colour fastness to sea water ISO 105 E02
Colour fastness to chlorinated water ISO 105 E03
Colour fastness to perspiration ISO 105 E04
Colour fastness to spotting:Acid ISO 105 E05
Colour fastness to spotting:Alkali ISO 105 E06
Colour fastness to laundering ISO 105 C06
Colour fastness to mercerizing ISO 105 X04
Colour fastness to bleaching: Hypochlorite ISO 105 N01
Colour fastness to bleaching: Peroxide ISO 105 N02
Colour fastness to dry heat ISO 105 P01
Colour fastness to PVC coating ISO 105 X10
Colour fastness to hot pressing ISO 105 X11
Colour fastness to dry cleaning ISO 105 D01
Determination of abrasion resistance ISO 12947-1
Tensile properties of fabrics - Part1 ISO 13934-1
Bursting properties of fabrics - Part1 ISO 13938-1
Stretch Recovery EN 14704-1
Quantitative chemical analysis ISO 1833-1
Determination of formaldehyde ISO 14184-1
Aromatic amines from azo colorants ISO 14362-1

Building Technical Textiles

Tensile stregth and elongation ISO 1421
Coating adhesion ISO 2411
Rating of sound insulation ISO 717-1
Flame Retardancy DIN 4102 B1

Protection Technical Textiles

Welding Protection

EN 11611

Heat and Flame Protection

EN 11612

Arc Protection

EN 61482

Rain Protection

EN 343

High Visibility

EN 20471

Surface Resistivity

EN 1149

Chemical Protection

EN 13034
Heat and Flame Protection EN 14116
Oil Repellency EN 14419
Uv Permeability AATCC 183
Firefighting Requirement EN 469

Geology Technical Textiles

Wide-width tensile test ISO 10319
Mass per unit area of geotextiles ISO 9864

Medical Technical Textiles

Antibacterial activity AATCC 147
Antibacterial activity AATCC 100
Antimicrobial activity ASTM E2149
Antiviral Textiles ISO 18184
Infective Agents EN 14126
Bacterial Filtration EN 14683
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